ABSO’s Second National Executive Committee Meeting Saturday January 26th 2019

 On Saturday January 26th 2019, the ABSO held its second National Executive Committee meeting at our national offices in Karen Nairobi. This second meeting was a follow up meeting from our last meeting on Saturday November 24th 2018. It also constituted our first NEC meeting of 2019. The meeting was designed to obtain the NEC’s approval on three major items:

  • The schools with which to start for the foundational/pilot phase of implementation of our National Blind Football program using our five-tier master plan:
  •      How best to reach out to the management of the chosen institutions in order to obtain maximum cooperation:
  • How best to market the ABSO using its officials:

On the choice of institutions, the following schools were chosen from four regions of the eight Kenyan regions:

  1. Kangundo District Education Board (DEB), Eastern Region, the biggest school for the Blind in Machakos County:
  2. Likoni School for the Blind, Coastal Region, in Mombasa County:
  3. Igoji School for the Blind, Eastern Central Region, in Meru County:
  4. Kibos School for the Blind, Nyanza Region, Kisumu County.

These four schools were deliberately selected for the following reasons:

  1. There is a large population of VI students in each of the schools chosen, giving the ABSO a huge number of potential players with whom to initiate the program:
  2. All of the schools are boarding institutions, making it easy for the Blind Football program to have consistency due to students’s almost permanent residence at the institution say for major Hollidays including Christmas, Easter  and the mid-term Holliday in August of every school and calender year:
  3. Finally, these schools were selected to give our Blind Football program uniqueness as most if not all other programs meant for the VI almost exclusively focus on Thika School for the Blind, which in turn means that our program will help raise these four institutions to greater prominence:

On reaching out to the management of the four schools, the NEC decided that it will be most practical to first visit the individual schools and sell the ABSO’s vision to the management. 

    On how best the ABSO officials can market its vision, the NEC agreed that business cards should be used rather than registration cards. Therefore, the ABSO will be using business cards going forward as a marketing tool, complementing our existing style of marketing in the form of t-shirts. To further enhance efficiency in the management of our affairs, the NEC agreed that all meetings should be held on a quarterly basis every year. This means that our next progress report will be published in April of this year.

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